The Visions2030 Survey for Walking and Cycling

posted 5 Aug 2011, 13:13 by Eli Kling

The Visions for Walking and Cycling is a research project being undertaken by The University of Salford's School of the Built Environment. The project seeks to assess the potential in the UK for achieving substantial increases in walking and cycling by 2030.

As part of the research, they have created an online survey that can be easily accessed through survey monkey. By taking part you will be helping them to better understand perceptions and experiences about cycling, particularly in terms of what helps and hinders you in cycling.  It also includes visual ideas on how the future might look and asks for your views on various scenarious. Results from the project will be used to illustrate to Government features and incentives likely to encourage more people to adopt sustainable modes of transport.

Please click the link in order to take part. It is worth it even if only to see the illustrations of futuristic ideas on the built environment.