Some progress on Cycle Routes From Princess Mary Hospital Site

posted 21 Apr 2011, 14:09 by Eli Kling

The developers have now given Bucks County Council [BCC] the S106 money (£170,000) for sustainable travel improvements from the site to local schools and the town centre.

There is still no decision on which of the proposed routes will be adopted. The off road route to the schools, (option D originally costed at £206,000 excluding the cost of the necessary land) is still being investigated. BCC are now in the process of evaluating how much the land is worth in order to make a purchase offer to the Canadian owner. Given that there is a budget ceiling for this scheme and Option D exceeds this, it is difficult to see why BCC are actively pursuing it, unless it will be possible to obtain additional funding from another scource. So, we are still some way from knowing which of the routes will be approved. Details of the four proposed routes and the consultations already completed can be found on our PMH page.