New Consultation on Street light Switch Off Trial

posted 8 Nov 2011, 12:12 by Eli Kling

It now looks certain that the lights involved in the trial will, with only limited exceptions, be left switched off, although a further consultation is now open.

You might think that street lighting is for the benefit of local residents and the safety of vunerable road users rather than passing vehicles. Clearly this is not necessarily the case when there are savings to be made.

Two parts of the switch off trail in this area are the A413 Aylesbury Road section from the Wendover bypass to Marroway and the B4009 in Halton between Chestnut Ave. and Harebridge Road. Both these sections have shared use paths that are now in darkness at night increasing the possibilty of conflict between pedestrians and cyclists. A regular night cyclist on the Aylesbury Road section says that she no longer counts the number of near misses she has had with other cyclists, pedestrians, runners, posts and branches bent down by heavy rain. The Halton shared path is overgrown in parts and the edge next to the road is not defined.

Changes to be introduced on the Aylesbury road section show that, for the safety of motorists, T for B will install down the centre of the road, "Halifax Type Studs with white 3M inserts at 9m centres" No mention is made of any safety features for users of the dual use path that runs along the side of this road and forms part of BCC promoted Amber Cycle route. This would have been an additional expense and the cycling development budget has been axed and used to repair roads.

If you believe there are sections in the trial that should not have there lights switch off make your views known via the current consultation that can be found on BCC website under the Have Your Say heading. You never know they might just change their mind.