Letter to BCC - Street Light Switch Off

posted 11 Dec 2011, 12:50 by Eli Kling
A final consultation on the street light switch off trial has been carried out by BCC.  Below is the text of a letter sent to them on behalf of GWC.

After discussion with interested members of Get Wendover Cycling [GWC] we ask that you take note of the following comments before reaching a final decision to switch off all sets of trial lights permanently.

Whilst we support the principle behind this energy saving programme we believe that lights should not be switched off at places where darkness is likely to cause conflict between cyclists and pedestrians on shared use paths. At the same time this action is likely to deter people from adopting cycling as an alternative to car use and negate any CO2 saving. Poor surface and lack of routine maintenance such as sweeping, vegetation cut back, debris clearance, are a constant hazard in daylight, a situation worsened after dark without the benefit of street lights.

Two sections of the street lights trail of particular concern to GWC are:

A413 Wendover Road between Marroway and Worlds End roundabout. The dual use path along side the road is part of BCC's promoted Amber Way cycle route. The reflective edge lining to the path is breaking up and loosing its bright colour. Only routine maintenance will ensure these lines remain visible and of value to cyclists.

B4009 Halton between Chestnut Ave. and Harebridge Road. This cycle path has no reflective lining, is badly overgrown in parts and is on a strong incline. Travelling down the hill towards Wendover against the headlights of oncoming traffic it is impossible to see the edge of the path next to the road.

Against this background we would ask Buckinghamshire County Council to restore street lighting to these and other stretches of road where there are adjacent dual use paths.

We await the outcome of the final consultation with interest.