posted 5 Jun 2011, 08:53 by Eli Kling

The latest British Crime Survey shows that despite a 3% reduction in general crime last year bike theft went up by 12%.

A message from the police is make sure your bike is not part of a future statistic by

  • Keeping it under lock and key when not in use. The local bike shop will give you advice on a suitable lock;
  • Getting it security marked. This will not necessarily stop a bike being stolen but it does act as a deterrent.

You can now have your bike security marked at Wendover Police Station between the hours of 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday.

Marking is quick, simple and free. The owners post code is written on the frame with a UV marker pen and then a permanent label is applied to the frame in a visible position to show that the bike has been UV marked and as such is a traceable item. The mark can be detected by a UV light kept by the local police.

The police have a lot of bikes handed in or found on the roadside so if a bike is lost or stolen and it has been marked it can be returned to the owner.

To have your bike marked please call 01296 621916 to arrange a date and time or email

The labels are supplied by 'immobilise' who offer a free registration service for bikes (or other valuable items) fitted with their security label. For details of this and other security services offered by them visit