Cycle path from Princes Mary Gate to schools and town center - letter to BCC

posted 11 Oct 2011, 07:34 by Eli Kling

As chair of Get Wendover Cycling (GWC) I am writing to place on record the group's approval for the creation of two new cycle routes in Wendover.

    Over the past 3 years GWC have worked closely with your cycling officers both in meetings and cycling round the area to identify problems and assess best options. GWC have commented in detail on the 2 consultations and followed the outcomes carefully. At our most recent informal meeting with Simon Glover we were delighted to learn that £120,000 had been obtained from the Safe Routes to Schools programme that is funded by the government and managed by Sustrans. This combined with the £170,000 of S106 money from the developers is sufficient to fund the work although up to date costings still needed to be carried out.

    Our support is based on the following considerations which are also reflected in Local Transport Plan 3's Local Area Strategy for Wendover that states under the heading Priorities 'Cycling Conditions' and as an approach 'Enhancement to Walking and Cycling Environment'. In addition, the legal agreement with the developer requires the creation of pedestrian/cycleway facilities to the schools and to the High Street and also improvements to the Clock Tower junction.

    The proposed routes fully accord with the those objectives in that they will

  • encourage people to cycle to the town centre and the station thus helping to relieve local parking problems

  • encourage more children on the east side of the Tring Rd. ( not just those living on the PMH site) to cycle to school thus helping to reduce traffic congestion at school times

  • improvements at the Clock Tower junction will improve conditions for parents with prams and people confined to powered mobility scooters

  • The work can be completed without local funding. This is important as BCC have no funding this year for cycle route development. If the work is not allowed to proceed the Sustrans money will be lost and the government funded Safe Routes to Schools scheme is to be cancelled at the end of this year.

  • Whilst there are legitimate concerns about mixing pedestrians and cyclists on the Manor Rd route because of the slope, none of this is new and must have been taken into consideration during the two consultations.

  • Based on signs by the toucan crossing on the Tring Rd. we believe that BCC are already satisfied that Manor Rd. is a safe road for school children. ( one sign, pointing across the toucan crossing, carries a cycle sign and reads ' local schools'. A second sign on the other side of the road advises cyclists to return to the carriageway with an arrow pointing down Manor Rd.) Bearing this in mind we are strongly of the opinion that converting the footway to a dual use path will provide an even safer route than the one currently signed.

We trust that the above views will be taken into account when the scrutinising committee meet to consider the proposal being put forward for approval.