Coment on the Local Transport Plan for 2011 to 2016

posted 24 May 2011, 13:58 by Eli Kling

Following on from the County Council’s recent implementation of the Local Transport Plan for 2011 to 2016, here are the stated local area priorities for Wendover:

‘‘ 1. Public transport provision

   2. Traffic speeds and road safety

   3. Cycling conditions

   4. Parking provision and   management 

 The following approach to transport improvements in the town should be pursued by all partners including ourselves [Bucks CC], local councils, local community organisations and the voluntary sector:



  • Enhancements to the walking and cycling environment should be made so that modes offer an attractive and safe alternative to the private car. We will work with local groups such as Get Wendover Cycling (GWC) to identify opportunities to encourage greater levels of active travel.
  • Travel plan and promotional campaigns people should be encouraged to reconsider their travel behaviour and take up more sustainable and healthy travel habits wherever possible.
  • Passenger transport improvements will be made to cater for people with limited car access, to access the town and other local centres.
  • Maintain highway infrastructure to cater for all types of access requirements and in the interests of an attractive urban environment.
  • Work with Aylesbury Vale District Council and Chiltern Railways to identify and manage any parking issues in the town.
  • Road safety issues will be investigated to identify appropriate solutions.’’


Further details available on the Bucks County Council website.


Get Wendover Cycling call upon the Parish Council to fully support and pursue all these priorities.