Transport Strategy Consultation Launched by BCC

posted 20 Jan 2016, 14:30 by Eli Kling

BCC's current 5 year transport strategy, LTP3 ends this year and a draft strategy, LTP4, has recently been published and can be viewed on BCC "have your say" website page. Public consultation runs until 29th January.

The document covers all types of transport looking ahead to the year 2036. Previous transport plans covered a much shorter time span and contained specific targets and plans. The new plan covering a 20 year period is as a consequence more a visionary blueprint with no specific targets or spending commitments. This approach is understandable when future government funding for transport, even in the short term, is probably not yet known and likely to be significantly reduced.

Cycling is covered in detail (pages 45,46 and47), the benefits to health and the environment being recognised. Only time will tell whether detailed plans are created and funds made available for the necessary work.

GWC encourages you to look at this draft and use the opportunity to comment on the overall plan and on cycling in particular.

Aylesbury CTC rides Feburary

posted 15 Jan 2016, 13:25 by Eli Kling

Date Start time Start Location Coffee Stop Finish time Leader Type of ride
07 February 2016 9.30am Aylesbury Aqua Vale                   SP 825 138 Hogshaw Herbs                         Granborough                                     MK18 3NL                                          SP754 238 1.30pm-2.00pm David Winterburn Easy Paced
07 February 2016 9.30am Watermead Inn               SP 822 155 Frost's Garden Centre
Newport Road, Woburn Sands MK17 8UE
1.30pm Stephen
Moderate Paced
45 miles
14 February 2016 9.30am Stone Crossroads                 SP 784 125 Red Lion                                     Chinnor                                             OX39 4DL                                           SP 755 013 1.30pm-2.00pm Myrsini
Easy Paced
14 February 2016  9.30am  Cafe in the Park
Aston Clinton
 HP22 5JL
 Stockgrove Country Park
 Heath and Reach,
Leighton Buzzard
  LU7 0BA
SP 920 294 
1.30pm  Peter
40 - 45 miles 
21 February 2016  9.30am   Aylesbury Aqua Vale                   SP 825 138   George and Dragon Quainton
HP22 4AR                                           SP 746 200 
1.30pm-2.00pm  Jeremy Scothern   Easy Paced 
21 February 2016 9.30am Stone Crossroads                 SP 784 125 Jenny Wrens
23 Market Square, Winslow MK18 3AB

1.30pm Robin Aitchison Moderate
40 miles
28 February 2016 9.30am Cafe in the Park                          Aston Clinton                   HP22 5HL Lakers Nursery                              Furze Lane                               Winslow                                        MK18 3NB                                         SP 762 283 1.30pm-2.00pm Peter Nettle Easy Paced
28 February 2016 9.00am  Aquavale
SP 825 138 
Deep Mill Diner
London Road, Little Kingshill HP16 0DH
SU 911 994

1.00pm Neil Dury Moderate
50 miles

Get Wendover Cycling Up Date AGM Notice

posted 7 Jan 2016, 13:25 by Eli Kling

As detailed in a news item last year GWC committee decided in future to adopt a reactive approach to local cycling issues rather than proactive. As a consequence formal committee meetings have not taken place but informal contact maintained on a needs to basis. Existing projects have been progressed. Our website, is still current and our bank account has been maintained.

Our constitution still stands and this requires the group to have an AGM, now fixed for February 4th. As on previous occasions it will be held at 64A Lionel Ave, Wendover, time 19.30, open to members and non-members.

Please come along to find out what has been achieved, future objectives, one of which will clearly be the problems the group faces in maintaining active support. If you would like to get involved and are thinking of attending, please contact our Chair, Chris Peeler,

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