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posted 1 Oct 2015, 13:23 by Eli Kling
Get Wendover Cycling (GWC) have for over five years been pressing BCC/TfB to improve the surface of the Amber Way cycle route between Wendover and Stoke Mandeville, this being a dual use footway.

After several chasers TfB replied that the surfaces did not meet their category 1  definition of failure, hence no action would be taken. We then asked  for a definition of a category 1 failure for a dual use path on the assumption it would not be the same as that used for a road.
As no reply was received
, at the Wendover LAF on 5th July 2014, we asked what criteria is used to decide when a dual use path warrants repair and with limited funds available, who decides where work would be done. Bill Chapple chairing the meeting considered the question reasonable and promised an answer. Having received no response by October we
contacted him directly and he promised to bring the lack of response to the attention of TfB.
In November an article in the Bucks Herald headed " £2.5 million works to pavements under way" stated "Pavements prioritised for treatment have been chosen by councillors with each one nominating two sites in their division". As a result of this article we had a meeting with Chris Adams our BCC councillor on the 29th January. On explaining what we were trying to achieve he agreed to raise the issues with TfB.  As a result of this two pronged approach TfB eventually carried out an inspection and decided that there were only two points needing attention and that the condition of the rest of the path was acceptable.

GWC have responded expressing disappointment and asking again what criteria they use for assessing when the surface of a dual use path warrants attention. Weeds and grass now growing through the surface will, if left unchecked, result in the need for major work. We await a reply.
It is however a sad reflection on the support given to cycling by TfB in that it took the combined action of two county councillors to elicit this unsatisfactory response.