Wendover Manor Waste Consultation

posted 18 Mar 2014, 11:21 by Eli Kling
Wendover Parish Council is holding a consultation asking the publish for their wishes for changes and improvements to the Manor Waste. see http://www.wendover-pc.gov.uk/latest-news/. The survey may be found online: www.surveymonkey.com/s/566TWPY.

Get Wendover Cycling believes that the parking shortage could be addressed by encouraging  shoppers, visitors and people employed locally use the bicycle to commute to the high street. The more visible the trend is the more people will join in. Thus, Get Wendover Cycling would like to see more cycle racks at either end on the Manor Waste. They should be elegant and of the type that is easy to tie the bicycle to and does not damage the wheels (i.e. - no toaster type racks).

The ideal locations are the corner opposite Number 2 and the corner opposite Rumseys as they are both:
  • Very visible
  • Close the the road. and thus no need for cyclists to cross the paved areas
  • Cater for many shops rather than just Bbudgens