Sir Chris Hoy's view on Cycle Safety

posted 4 Jul 2014, 06:19 by Eli Kling
Sir Chris Hoy, six times Olympic cycling champion speaking to the Independent on Sunday said Britain has "a massive way" to go before it becomes a fully fledged cycling nation. He fears it could take more deaths in road accidents for politicians to take action to improve cycling safety.

In 2012 more than 3,200 cyclists were seriously injured on the road. There were 122 deaths including 13 children, a five year high. Figures for 2013 are due shortly.
On the positive side there has been a huge surge in cycling popularity. Almost half of the population now own a bike, more than 3 million cycle more than three times a week and 750,000 cycling to work.

From this it would seem that whilst cycling appears to be growing in popularity safety on the road is still a major issue and as Chris Hoy says it will need firm action by politicians. For example they could take steps to ensure that local authorities create a safe cycling environment when considering new infrastructure, fully fund cycle training and not just for children. So plenty for campaigning groups to do to ensure authorities give greater priority to cycling issues.