Proposals to improve Wendover's cycle network

posted 25 Feb 2014, 04:50 by Eli Kling
As mentioned in earlier news items (2013) we have identifed gaps in the existing cycle route network and have produced a series of maps illustrating what we see as necessary. (see 'Improving Cycling in Wendover)

Bucks county Council (BCC) were keen to consider our proposals as they currently have a small budget for cycle route improvement in Wendover. In discussion with them it was suggested we prioritised the routes in terms of their ease of introduction. This we have done and a meeting was held in Wendover with BCC to inspect the first two on our priority list ( see maps 1 and 3 ) to assess the amount of work needed to introduce them. They have now prepared a draft work programme that will be submitted to 'Transport for Bucks (T for B) for initial costing. When this information is available formal support of WPC will be sought. This should provide BCC with enough evidence to request T for B to carry out their own detailed survey and final costing before the go ahead to carry out the work can be given. So many hurdles still to cross but we are taking every opportunity to ensure the fund available is used to benefit local cyclists.