posted 28 Aug 2014, 01:42 by Eli Kling
For several months GWC have been trying without success to estabish the criteria used byTransport for Buckinghamshire (tfB) to decide how and when to repair and maintain dual use paths. Our reason for pursuing this is to get some improvements to the deteriorating surface of Amber Way gemstone route that runs between Wendover and Aylesbury. Cyclists using this route will know what we mean.

TfB claim that the surface is acceptable in spite of the fact that, following an inspection, one of their engineers in company with two of our members agreed that improvement work was necessary.

In an endeavour to get an answer a committee member raised a question at Wendover Local Area Forum on 3rd July asking how TfB prioritised footway and dual use path maintenance, also how can groups like GWC have an input into this process.

The Chair of the meeting considered this a reasonable question and promised answers, these are still awaited.