Cyclists safety raises local concerns

posted 25 Feb 2014, 04:53 by Eli Kling
A letter in Wendover News complains of cyclists not using the cycle route along the unlit stretch of the busy A413 between Weston Turville and Wendover. Also that the cyclists did not have rear lights and were wearing dark clothing.

Being a legal requirement there is no excuse for not having lights and wearing hi-vis clothing makes sense any time of day. Such equipment of good quality is readily available.

However the issue of not using this stretch of cycle path is another matter.

The lights were switched off some years ago by Bucks County Council  (BCC) as a cost saving measure. This has made the cycle path hazardous at night for cyclists travelling towards Wendover as they have to contend with dazzle from car headlights coming towards them. So cyclists feel safer on the road travelling in the same direction as traffic rather than on the cycle path next to the headlights of oncoming traffic.

We have tried to persuade Bucks County Council to provide low level lighting but so far we have not had any success. We have also expressed strongly to BCC our concern over the condition of the cycle path which has not been maintained for many years. So the finger of blame here must be pointed towards BCC.