A new report suggests that more Councils are switching Street lights off to save money

posted 25 Dec 2014, 07:35 by Eli Kling
Recent articles in the national press have highlighted the extent to which street lights are being switched off to save money. With political encouragement from the government and as councils continue to face more cuts in funding it is likely the practice will continue.

The policy remains controversial however with evidence that lighting reduces traffic accidents as well as providing reassurance to home owners,pedestrians and other vulnerable groups. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable, often not seen by motorist in broad daylight never mind during the hours of darkness.

BCC are actively involved in this programme and have already switched the lights off at 46 locations within the county, two being in this area. In 2011, at the end of the switch off trial GetWendoverCycling responded to a public consultation objecting on the grounds that cyclist safety was being jeopardised. This had no effect, the lights remained off and the lighting installations are now being removed so it will not be possible to switch them on again.

So if you value the street lighting where you live you need to be aware of what the local authority is planning as further switching off may be under consideration.