posted 21 Jul 2014, 10:25 by Eli Kling   [ updated 21 Jul 2014, 14:38 ]

This is another chance to take advantage of Get Wendover Cycling's arrangement with Cycle-Tech to carry out free bike safety checks.

Our first bike check on Sunday 20th was a resounding success with Martin Wilkins of Cycle-Tech carrying out minor work and adjustments to more than 30 bikes. From pumping up tyres, repairing buckled wheels, changing inner tubes and tightening loose fittings, all bikes went off in a safe condition, this being the primary purpose of the visit. In talking to visitors Martin stressed the importance of keeping tyres at the correct pressure as a way of making riding more comfortable and safer. Tyre pressure needs to be checked regularly, say once a month.

So if you missed our first event don't miss the second one. Whether you have a bike that needs looking at or just wish to talk bikes and bike maintenance then please come along to the Manor Waste on Sunday 17th August  If you want to know more about Cycle-Tech and the full range of what they offer. Look at www.cycle-tech.co.uk for more information.