GWC Highlight The Lack Of Cycle Path Maintenance

posted 10 Dec 2013, 14:33 by Eli Kling

Lack of maintenance and repair to shared use cycle paths continues to be of concern to users and prompted GWC to write to Bucks Herald (BH) highlighting the problem. The letter, published on December the 4th is repeated below for the benefit of non BH readers.

Fix For Cyclists Too

I was interested to read in last week's BH that Janet Blake, BCC cabinet member for transport was aware of "problem pavements". I wonder if she is also aware of problem cycle paths.
 In recent years millions of pounds have been  spent creating a series of cycle routes in Aylesbury called Gemstone routes. Many of these are footways converted to dual use paths without there being any real improvement to the cycling surface.
Local cycling group Get Wendover Cycling have been trying to get improvements to the surface of Gemstone route Amber Way that runs between Wendover and Aylesbury but without success. Last year a site inspection by a BCC local area technician in conjunction with two of our members identified problem areas that needed attention. It was noted that three areas on the path had already been identified for repair at an earlier date by white paint now much faded. At that time we were told there was no specific budget for cycle route maintenance and it is understood this situation has not changed. Currently there is some capital funding to extend the existing network but that this new money cannot be used for repair and maintenance.

Whilst it is good news that there is some funding for development there will be little chance of getting potential users such as motorists doing short journeys out of their cars and onto the cycle routes unless money is allocated for maintenance and repair. The experience of using the routes needs to be noticably improved.
Brian Bostock
Get Wendover Cycling.