Electric Bikes Are Becoming More Popular

posted 18 Nov 2013, 13:59 by Eli Kling

The performance and reliability of battery assisted bikes has improved significantly over recent years and as a result they are gaining in popularity.A new electric bike hire scheme has been introduced in Henley to encouraging people who are not regular cyclists to explore the Chilterns on two wheels whilst www.electricbicyclenetwork.com lists hire centres nationally, focusing primarily on popular tourist areas like Devon, Derbyshire and the Lake District.


Two GWC members now own electric bikes, below is one owners experience.

"I recently bought a state of the art electric bike that has a lithium cobalt battery and motor connected to the pedal crank. In operation, a sensor measures my input and I can choose to have this multiplied by the motor either by 50, 100 or 150%. Eight fully enclosed hub gears help cope effortlessly with headwinds or any hill. Range is exceptional, 50 miles on a charge is possible. From Wendover a journey to Stoke Mandeville Hospital takes just over quarter of an hour and no parking hassle. If I worked in Aylesbury an electric bike would be my preferred commute. and since you don't have to work hard pedalling regular business clothes would be fine."

There are in fact two basic designs of electric bike. One has power that can be switched on or off, the other, power is on all the time but is only applied when the rider is pedalling and more power is needed. Anybody wanting more information on electric bike should visit CTC's website www.ctc.org.uk