Reasons for Get Wendover Cycling to keep on promoting the health benefits of cycling

posted 17 Dec 2012, 12:40 by Eli Kling
New guidance from National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) encourages organisations and institutions, such as local authorities, schools and workplaces to help communities become more physically active by walking or cycling on short journeys. At present 61% of men and 71% of women aged 16 and over do not meet recommended levels of physical activity. 

This is the first time NICE has published such guidance, the recommendations cover

· local programmes

· policy and planning

· schools, workplaces and NHS

Full details can be seen on

In December the National Child Measurement Programme reported that in a survey of over one million pupils one in three 11 year old children in year 6 in England are overweight or obese, making it even more critical for the NICE recommendations to be supported by those in a position to influence and direct policy.

Let us hope that this information causes Wendover Parish Council to review its position with regard to providing additional bike racks in and around the town...