posted 30 Aug 2012, 14:54 by Eli Kling
This energy saving trial ended in September 2011.A Key Decision Report detailing the findings and consultations has now been approved by the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation. Work to implement the decisions will start this year and take three years to complete.

The full report can be seen on buckscc.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ld=2831. Details of the work programme are in Annex C.

In the Wendover area two shared use cycle/pedestrian routes are affected. Recommendations following final consultations are:

[1] A413 Wendover Road between Marroway and Worlds End roundabout.

Lighting not required. Remove street lights. Upgrade lit signs on central islands to LED, for longer life expectancy.

Liaise with Parish Councils to discuss/confirm need for installation of cycleway/footway lighting.

Work schedule year 3

[2] B4009 Upper Icknield Way [north of Chestnut Ave] Halton.

Road lighting not required. Remove street lights.

Liaise with Parish Council to discuss/ confirm transfer of lighting for cycleway/footway.

Work schedule year 3.

Get Wendover Cycling has lobbied for the lights on Wendover Road to be maintained as it is part of the Amber-way cycle route promoted by BCC. Clearly we have not been successful but it may be possible to get the Parish Councils to adopt lighting. Based on past support for cycling by local Parish Councils the chances of achieving this are slim. Get Wendover Cycling will discuss the subject at the next meeting.

Lighting on the B4009 will be raised with Halton Parish Council who, it is understood, have registered an interest in having this section of pathway lit, but no final decision has been taken.