An open letter to Peter Hardy, BCC cabinet member for Planning and Transportation: Consider using new government money for improving local cycle route and adding new ones

posted 9 Aug 2012, 13:02 by Eli Kling
Dear Mr Hardy

Get Wendover Cycling is a  group of cyclists dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of cycling in and around Wendover.

As a Wendover resident and chair of Get Wendover Cycling, I read with interest the article in the Bucks Herald that BCC had received more than £1 million to boost cycling in the county.

In considering how the new funding is to be spent GWC asks that the following three proposals are taken into consideration:

Complete the dual use path along the north east side of the Aylesbury Road from where it currently ends to Halton Lane, so that it connects with the existing path from Worlds End Lane.

Resurface sections of the Amber Way route to improve safety - particularly along the section where the street lights have been switched off. If not rectified soon, weeds now growing through the surface will have a serious damaging effect.

With regard to the Amber Way, install road signs to show the route continuing along Lionel Avenue, into Dobbins Lane and to Wendover High Street and on to the Chilterns Cycleway rather than ending at the bottom of Lionel Ave. There should then be corresponding amendments made to the Amber Way route map next time it needs reprinting.

There are many other opportunities for improving cycling in Wendover and the surrounding area but Get Wendover Cycling consider the above to be top of the agenda and achievable within a limited budget. All have been discussed in the past with BCC cycling officers and have had their support. 

In many areas of the UK it has been recognised that cycling can reduce parking problems, traffic congestion and at the same time attract additional tourists particularly where there is beautiful countryside, as in Buckinghamshire. Bucks has much to offer cyclists and yet cycling is not recognised by local authorities for the benefits that can accrue. We believe the above proposals will help in promoting these aspects.

Yours sincerely, 

Chris Peeler, Chair, Get Wendover Cycling