A New Government Initiative To Promote Cycling

posted 30 Jan 2013, 05:44 by Eli Kling

A new enquiry organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPCG) has been set up to consider how best to get Britain cycling.

Six evidence based sessions will take views of experts drawn from government departments, cycling groups and members of the media.

Ian Austin, co-chair of the APPCG is hoping that the outcome will be a detailed report, expected in April, giving clear recommendations which all the political parties will sign up to.

A succession of British governments has failed to give the necessary support to cycling by a powerful and aggressive motoring lobby, this inspite of the evidence that cycling is a valuable means of sustainable travel that eases congestion, can reduce emissions and gets people fitter.,

It will be interesting to see if the outome of this study has any impact apart from raising the expectations of cycling groups such as the CTC and Cyclenation.

Whatever the outcome it is unlikely to be noticed by Bucks County Council who have no cycling strategy, no cycling officer and no money for investment in cycling. The inquiry can be followed on twitter at #getbritaincycling.