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A New Government Initiative To Promote Cycling

posted 30 Jan 2013, 05:44 by Eli Kling

A new enquiry organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPCG) has been set up to consider how best to get Britain cycling.

Six evidence based sessions will take views of experts drawn from government departments, cycling groups and members of the media.

Ian Austin, co-chair of the APPCG is hoping that the outcome will be a detailed report, expected in April, giving clear recommendations which all the political parties will sign up to.

A succession of British governments has failed to give the necessary support to cycling by a powerful and aggressive motoring lobby, this inspite of the evidence that cycling is a valuable means of sustainable travel that eases congestion, can reduce emissions and gets people fitter.,

It will be interesting to see if the outome of this study has any impact apart from raising the expectations of cycling groups such as the CTC and Cyclenation.

Whatever the outcome it is unlikely to be noticed by Bucks County Council who have no cycling strategy, no cycling officer and no money for investment in cycling. The inquiry can be followed on twitter at #getbritaincycling.

Notice of Get Wendover Cycling Annual General Meeting 2013

posted 9 Jan 2013, 09:47 by Eli Kling

The meeting is open to members and non members alike. Please join the committee for this particular annual event at which decisions will be made on future activities and direction.

If you would like more information, plan to attend, or make a comment on local cycling issues but are unable to attend, please let me know.

Get Wendover Cycling Annual General Meeting (2013)

Tuesday 12th February 2013, 7.30pm

64a Lionel Avenue, Wendover.

1. Welcome

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of 2011 AGM

4. Matters arising from the Minutes

5. Annual Report for 2012

6. Presentation and adoption of Accounts

7. Election of committee members

8. Agree annual subscription

9. Discussion on future activities and cycling related issues.

10. Date of next committee meeting

11. Any other business

Key contact for information:

Brian Bostock 

Membership Secretary

01296 624694.

Reasons for Get Wendover Cycling to keep on promoting the health benefits of cycling

posted 17 Dec 2012, 12:40 by Eli Kling

New guidance from National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) encourages organisations and institutions, such as local authorities, schools and workplaces to help communities become more physically active by walking or cycling on short journeys. At present 61% of men and 71% of women aged 16 and over do not meet recommended levels of physical activity. 

This is the first time NICE has published such guidance, the recommendations cover

· local programmes

· policy and planning

· schools, workplaces and NHS

Full details can be seen on

In December the National Child Measurement Programme reported that in a survey of over one million pupils one in three 11 year old children in year 6 in England are overweight or obese, making it even more critical for the NICE recommendations to be supported by those in a position to influence and direct policy.

Let us hope that this information causes Wendover Parish Council to review its position with regard to providing additional bike racks in and around the town...

New Money to Promote Chilterns Cycleway

posted 7 Nov 2012, 14:36 by Eli Kling

A consortium of organisations has been awarded a grant of £868,000 by the Department for Transport. to increase car-free tourism and commuting in gateway towns of the Chilterns. The money will be used over a three year period to invest in improved cycle links, better signage on cycling routes, more cycle parking and the provision of bike hire facilities. The project will be managed by the CTC who have just issued an advert and job description for the post of Senior Officer for the Chilterns Sustainable Gateways project.

Don't get excited, Wendover is not part of this project. However Tring and Berkhamsted are included and later this year there is to be a workshop with local interested parties to explore how the objects of the project can be achieved in that area.


posted 19 Sep 2012, 09:07 by Eli Kling

Titled "Shared Use Routes for Pedestrians and Cyclists" this new Local Transport Note [LTN] 1/12 supersedes an earlier LTN on the same subject issued in 1986. Whilst containing good advice on hybrid track requirements, it is no lightweight document, running to 65 pages. It covers all aspects of dual use paths from design principles to legal issues.

If the path widths mentioned, [unsegregated use 3m. segregated use, cycle 2m. pedestrian 2m.] were mandatory rather than advisory then many of our local routes would probably have to be closed. It will be interesting to see if local planners work to the recommendations in this new LTN.

Download from the DfT website


posted 2 Sep 2012, 13:51 by Eli Kling   [ updated 5 Sep 2012, 14:29 ]

The current issue of The Chilterns Conservation Board magazine 'Chalk & Trees' carries an article on the Chilterns Cycleway. Created 2 years ago, the Cycleway visits Wendover along with many other small towns and villages in the Chilterns. It was recently listed on the Guardian newspaper's website as one of the best bike rides in the UK. As well as being used by local cyclists it has attracted visitors from as far afield as New Zealand.. A survey showed that cyclists staying overnight on the route spent on average £71 per person each day, giving evidence of the economic benefits that can be created by leisure cyclists.

Wendover Tourist Information Centre sell a mapbook of the route and nearby places to visit. Alternatively details can be downloaded from

Perhaps one day Wendover Parish Council will recognise the economic potential of leisure cycling by including a cycling section on their website alongside the existing section for walkers.


posted 30 Aug 2012, 14:54 by Eli Kling

This energy saving trial ended in September 2011.A Key Decision Report detailing the findings and consultations has now been approved by the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation. Work to implement the decisions will start this year and take three years to complete.

The full report can be seen on Details of the work programme are in Annex C.

In the Wendover area two shared use cycle/pedestrian routes are affected. Recommendations following final consultations are:

[1] A413 Wendover Road between Marroway and Worlds End roundabout.

Lighting not required. Remove street lights. Upgrade lit signs on central islands to LED, for longer life expectancy.

Liaise with Parish Councils to discuss/confirm need for installation of cycleway/footway lighting.

Work schedule year 3

[2] B4009 Upper Icknield Way [north of Chestnut Ave] Halton.

Road lighting not required. Remove street lights.

Liaise with Parish Council to discuss/ confirm transfer of lighting for cycleway/footway.

Work schedule year 3.

Get Wendover Cycling has lobbied for the lights on Wendover Road to be maintained as it is part of the Amber-way cycle route promoted by BCC. Clearly we have not been successful but it may be possible to get the Parish Councils to adopt lighting. Based on past support for cycling by local Parish Councils the chances of achieving this are slim. Get Wendover Cycling will discuss the subject at the next meeting.

Lighting on the B4009 will be raised with Halton Parish Council who, it is understood, have registered an interest in having this section of pathway lit, but no final decision has been taken.

An open letter to Peter Hardy, BCC cabinet member for Planning and Transportation: Consider using new government money for improving local cycle route and adding new ones

posted 9 Aug 2012, 13:02 by Eli Kling

Dear Mr Hardy

Get Wendover Cycling is a  group of cyclists dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of cycling in and around Wendover.

As a Wendover resident and chair of Get Wendover Cycling, I read with interest the article in the Bucks Herald that BCC had received more than £1 million to boost cycling in the county.

In considering how the new funding is to be spent GWC asks that the following three proposals are taken into consideration:

Complete the dual use path along the north east side of the Aylesbury Road from where it currently ends to Halton Lane, so that it connects with the existing path from Worlds End Lane.

Resurface sections of the Amber Way route to improve safety - particularly along the section where the street lights have been switched off. If not rectified soon, weeds now growing through the surface will have a serious damaging effect.

With regard to the Amber Way, install road signs to show the route continuing along Lionel Avenue, into Dobbins Lane and to Wendover High Street and on to the Chilterns Cycleway rather than ending at the bottom of Lionel Ave. There should then be corresponding amendments made to the Amber Way route map next time it needs reprinting.

There are many other opportunities for improving cycling in Wendover and the surrounding area but Get Wendover Cycling consider the above to be top of the agenda and achievable within a limited budget. All have been discussed in the past with BCC cycling officers and have had their support. 

In many areas of the UK it has been recognised that cycling can reduce parking problems, traffic congestion and at the same time attract additional tourists particularly where there is beautiful countryside, as in Buckinghamshire. Bucks has much to offer cyclists and yet cycling is not recognised by local authorities for the benefits that can accrue. We believe the above proposals will help in promoting these aspects.

Yours sincerely, 

Chris Peeler, Chair, Get Wendover Cycling

Family Bike Ride - 24/June/2012 14:30

posted 6 Jun 2012, 15:40 by Eli Kling

Get Wendover Cycling will be organised a family bike ride on the 24th of June, starting from the Manor Waste at 14:30. A cycle mechanic will be providing free checkups from 13:30 on site. The ride includes a stop at Halton Parish Church for tea and cake. There will be two routs: a more suitable for older children will include a visit to the Trenchard Museum at RAF Halton and an esier rout through Weston Turville.

Changes at Bucks County Council Cycling Team

posted 1 May 2012, 15:09 by Eli Kling

Rebecca Dengler, Team Leader Sustainable Travel Bucks CC joined a recent Aylesbury Cycling Campaign meeting to give an update on cycling issues in the county.

A brief summary:

Cycling Demonstration Town funding has ended.

There is no longer a dedicated cycling officer, Bike It Officer or Bike Club Officer. [Simon Glover previously BCC Cycling Officer has moved to the Projects Team].

Planning and Transportation are coming back together again with Environment sharing a Sustainability theme.

There is now no specific cycling and walking officer within the Sustainable Travel Team.

Sustainable Travel is merging with Waste and Carbon Reduction.

There is a School Travel Plan Officer who promotes sustainable travel to schools via Go for Gold and other incentives.

There is a Business Travel Plan Officer.

For 2012 / 2013 Bucks CC has obtained £180k from DfT and allocated £20k from its own resources to pay for Bikeability Cycle Training for 5000 pupils. This will include Level 3 training which is needed particularly by secondary school students.

The Policy and Strategy Team have been asked to produce the Cycling and Walking Strategies required by LTP3.  These         were due to be available in April 2012 but have been delayed by the departmental reorganisations.

The Cabinet Member for Sustainability is Steve Adams and for Transport is Peter Hardy.

Bucks CC was unsuccessful in the first year of bids to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund but is bidding for £1M this year in  partnership with Sustrans, CTC and Living Streets.

The plans for the Arla dairy near Aston Clinton include covered cycle parking for staff and a site Travel Plan. Arla are funding the resurfacing of the canal tow path between the site and Aylesbury

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