posted 08 Jan 2012
On the 6 December two GWC members (Chris Peeler & Brian Bostock) had a meeting at Wendover station with Mark Cooper, local Customer Services Manager for Chiltern Railways. We arranged the meeting to discuss the new passinger lift being installed and ask if more cycle racks could be included whilst the workmen were on site.

Mark advised that the lift, along with new stairs and bridge would be installed at the London end of the station and that work would start very soon and be completed by the spring.

The present bridge could not be demolished because it was attached to a public right of way bridge that crossed the railway lines and belonged to the local authority. He confirmed that the new stairs would not incorporate wheeling channels that assist cyclists but that the lift would be large enough to take cycles.

Mark agreed that the present cycle racks were more or less full and that more racks would be highly desirable. But there was very little spare room for any more racks and he could not under any circumstances sacrifice car parking space for this purpose.

However, when the current bridge is taken out of service the stairs will be removed and this could well make space available on the platform for more racks. We made the point that it would be very unfortunate if commuters were discouraged from cycling to the station owing to inadequate cycle parking.

With regard to funding for racks, Mark was unsure as to whether he could obtain this but he said that he would try on our behalf. He also suggested that we should approach the rail users group who were provided with funds that could possibly be used for this purpose. This GWC have now done and a reply is awaited.