At our recent AGM, after a thorough discussion, it was agreed that Get Wendover Cycling (GWC) had reached the end of its useful life and should be wound up as a formal organization.

Our constitution requires the group is officially dissolved with the agreement of the committee and members. To achieve this an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 19 April at 64A Lionel Avenue at 7.30pm.

Money held in GWC’s bank account will be distributed as detailed in the constitution. The group has no other assets.

The committee believes that dissolving the group in this way will not prevent us in the future from campaigning or engaging in other relevant activity under the banner of GWC.

In July 2008 an already existing cycling support group adopted a formal constitution using the title Get Wendover Cycling, our objective being to encourage cycling locally and to have an active membership.

Over the years we have been successful in organising the provision of cycle racks, supporting the adoption of local signed routes and running an annual family cycle ride. We have created a series of maps showing how existing routes can be improved. These are currently being considered by Bucks County Council for funding.

Recently we have found it difficult to recruit new committee members to take on the responsibilities of promoting the interests of the group and now for reasons of ill health, age and workload that included much travel abroad, the committee has decided to be less proactive.

We plan to keep the website active ( and report items of local interest to cyclists and offer assistance to anybody interested in taking up cycling. We will not be maintaining a formal membership, the website will be our means of contact and communication.

The groundwork for a local cycling campaign group will in other words be maintained and the outgoing committee members hope younger enthusiastic cyclists will emerge to take over GWC and bring new ideas and energy for promoting safe cycling in the Wendover area. If you have an interest in taking this on or know someone who does please get in touch with either:
Chris Peeler: 01296 62408, email, or

Who We Are


For Wendover to benefit from cycling, we think there is a need to:

  • Promote the use of bicycles to all people in Wendover, importantly to people who already have bikes and who may not use them
  • Give out information to all interested parties about how to cycle safely and where to cycle locally
  • Raise the profile of cycling as a solution to all the issues above with decision makers such as local authorities and land developers


How can cycling make a difference to Wendover?


There are currently around 8,000 people living in the Wendover. There will soon be another 400 homes built on the Princess Mary hospital site bringing more residents to live within Wendover. Surrounding villages make use of the facilities in Wendover: from the shops, cafes, restaurants, local community groups, train station and churches.

We think there is a need to promote the safe use of bicycles by people of all ages for all purposes, in order to:
  • Maintain the pleasant and green environment of Wendover;
  • Reduce pollution and congestion by promoting cycle trips to replace car journeys;
  • Limit the impact of increased car parking in the centre of Wendover, while at the same time;
  • Adding to the economic growth of Wendover in a sustainable way - giving shoppers and visitors an alternative travel option;
  • Improve the health of residents of Wendover;
  • Show local school children that the rest of Wendover is supporting cycling as a mode of transport and having fun!


What do Get Wendover Cycling do?

  • We provide information about cycling for cyclists and potential cyclists
  • We lobby local government to improve cycling provision in Wendover


Who are Get Wendover Cycling?

Since our beginnings in November 2007, Get Wendover Cycling has worked with local authorities, land owners and businesses to improve the facilities and promotion of safe cycling on their land. Our committee members have been involved in cycle safety groups and Safe Routes to Schools groups for over 5 years in Wendover.

Get Wendover Cycling aims to provide information to members of the public: the non-cyclist or the occasional cyclist, as well as encouraging those who cycle regularly to continue to do so and enthuse others to take up cycling. Therefore our potential audience is the majority of those living in Wendover who can cycle, whether they currently do or not. Get Wendover Cycling is set up as a community group and like many groups in Wendover, we are totally run by volunteers. 


See our constitution



Who do Get Wendover Cycling work with?